01 Am I really guaranteed to be approved for financing?

Yes, as long as you can provide proof of income as well as the required money down and full coverage insurance we guarantee financing approval. Whether you have had a bankruptcy, divorce, or even if you do not have any credit. *

02 Do I have to put money down?

Yes, since we do not do any credit check or charge any interest we do require that you put money down. The amount down typically is half the price of the vehicle plus tax, title, and registration, but contact us for details.

03 Do you accept trades?

Yes, we do accept trades toward your down payment. We buy junk cars as well as all forms of scrap metal.

04 Do I have to have full coverage insurance?

Yes, we do require full coverage insurance on all vehicles until the loan is paid in full. This is to protect both of us in the event that the car is totaled or stolen.

05 Can I pay monthly instead of weekly?

We do not except monthly payments unless you are paying a month in advance. Otherwise one week after taking delivery of your new car your payments will begin and go until the balance is paid in full.

06 Can I use my own financing?

Yes, you are welcome to get a loan with your own bank and bring us the full balance in cash or a Certified check. 

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